Web Site Design

In this post I am going to talk about a website that I like design wise and a website that I don’t like design wise.




This is a site that I like for more than design reasons. I like the content on this site as well. The site is designed to be easy to navigate with the menu bar on the top the page and the big search bar. They use a gray background and use a shade of orange to draw your attention to key articles and videos. This is a website with a fixed minimum browser resolution size, but will expand to larger screen resolutions as well.  This site is a good example of a Jello design website. This site is to be used be individuals that are techies and will want to watch videos and have a faster internet connection. But a site that I don’t like is Craigslist.com.




This is a site that I hate. There are no pictures. No capitalization of word. Plain white background, with light blue and dark blue words. Design wise this site is BORING. This site is a Jello design website like G4’s site. This site was built for functionality not looks, but come on one graphic logo could make a whirl of difference on this site. As I use this site I noticed that they are all about making everything as simple as possible. This site is built to be accessed from anywhere and runs well on all internet connections. Look at an image of the page layout if you click on one of the links on the home page.

Craigslist Subpage


In conclusion, I think that G4Tv.com is a great website for they target audience, but I don’t think that Craigslist.com has a target audience or at least I can’t tell from the design of their site.


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