Change in Perceptive

This post is going to be about the change in my perceptive on webpage since taking Web Fundamental. In this class I have learned the process of creating a website, a few laws that affect websites, and how to code a website.

I started this class thinking this class was all about making a cool website, but it turns out that I first have to learn a bunch of boring stuff first. For example , what is the client’s expectations of the site and what do they want the site to do or promote. Then more interviews with clients and customers, then make a content plan, basically a small book, then I was allowed to create a website.

When creating this website I had to rememeber some of the “laws of the web,” you know like who is liable for content posted on the web and respecting copyright laws. I have to create my own buttons and images from scratch or get an image from Then figure out all the content that I want on the website and then final I can create the layout.

I wanted to start with a cool design and build around that, but I learned that I will just end up costing the client money and no one likes spending more money. This is an industry were if clients like the site you made them, in five years when its time to update the site they will come back.

As for if this class having changed the way that I use websites, not really. I still go to most of the same sites and a few new one, but I use them the same way that I always do.


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