What makes a good web design?

So what makes a website have good design? Is it a cool logo or lots of flash animation or is it simplicity.  Well lets find out I made a list of things that one should look for in a good website.

Load Time – Make your pages load as quickly as possible. Try to keep pages under 60KB per page because only 55% of US internet users have broadband internet. 60KB pages will still take 8 seconds to load on a 56KB connection.

Place important information above the page break, so important information before user has to scroll down page.

Avoid horizontal scrolling. Don’t make web page wider than browser window.

Have adequate white space or placing blank space between blocks of texts or image allows for easy readability.

Make sure the website is aimed and designed towards the target market. For example, using bright, lively colors for children sites.

Make sure your websites are browser-friendly. Make your website look good in your favorite browser, but also works well in other browsers as well.


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