Scared? No! Not Me

This class has its challenges. The toughest of these were, in my opinion, the content plan. This document was the first part of designing a website. I had create a document about me and my employers. I had to figure out what an employer was looking for from a portfolio site and what I wanted the site to do.

In this phase of the project, I had to set up interviews with future employers and transcribe this interviews, so that I could reference them when I begin site design.

I also had a list of goals I wanted the site to display, so I have to figure out how to balance my goals with the needs of the target market. All of this research and information then had to turned into a document that stated the propose of my site and all the supporting data, as to why I choose that propose. That was the part of this class the scared me the most. class has increased my understanding and ability with the Web. The web is like everything in technology there are no masters, a few gurus but no masters. The field of technology is always growing and changing. Those of us that are in this field learn early on that we will never learn everything, so we learn the basics and hope we can keep up.


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