Battle: Los Angeles and Hall Pass

This weekend, on the silver screen, I watched Battle: Los Angeles and Hall Pass. Both  of those movie looked good from the trailers that I see. Loved the weird music in the Battle: Los Angeles trailer. Hall Pass looked like to was trying to spin the Hangover.

Battle: Los Angeles

A Marine platoon fights to prevent the city of Los Angeles from being overtaken by a race of highly advanced alien invaders in this epic sci-fi action thriller from director Jonathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) and producer Neal H. Moritz (I Am Legend, Fast & Furious). After decades of speculation about life on other planets, the people of Earth discover that extraterrestrials really do exist when destruction rains down from the stars on cities all across the globe. When the alien warships descend upon Los Angeles, however, the ferocious invaders discover that humankind won’t go down without a fight as a gruff Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his fearless troop of jar heads point their weapons skyward and make one last stand for the entire human race. – Jason Buchanan, Rovi

This movie was amazing. It is currently my favorite movie of this year. This movie is loaded with action, suspense, comedy, and drama. This is an all around incredible movie. I have nothing but praise for this movie. It is a must see movie, if you didn’t see it this weekend you are missing out.


Rating: 10 out of 10 stars

Hall Pass

This buddy comedy from the Farrelly brothers stars Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson as a couple of married guys who persuade their wives to give them the ultimate “get out of jail free” card: a marriage “hall pass.” The agreement gives them free reign to behave like bachelors — free from the rules and confines of fidelity, responsibility, and married life — for one week. But soon the guys find that the small town where everybody knows them — and their wives — isn’t very conducive to chasing tail. And making matters worse, it turns out to be harder than they thought to accept the idea of their wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) taking off for vacation on a hall pass of their own. – Jason Buchanan, Rovi

This movie was an attempt at the hangover, but with married guys that think they are ladies men, but in reality they are just goofy married guys with a week off from marriage. It had good humor but I have seen better. I think this is a movie worth seeing once. I don’t think that there is much value in a second watch.


Rating: 8 out of 10 stars


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