Love and Other Drugs and Arthur

This week from Netflix I got Love and Other Drugs. I also went to the theater this weekend and saw Arthur.

Love and Other Drugs

Handsome and charming pharmaceutical rep Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) falls head over heels for radiant free spirit Maggie (Anne Hathaway), and together the two people who never thought they would fall in love discover that their intense chemistry is more powerful than any drug on the market. – Jason Buchanan, Rovi

I loved this movie. I was very surprised with this movie. I did not know this movie is based on a book about a satirist view of a real life pharmaceutical rep who falls in love with an artist who has Parkinson’s Disease. Spoiler: You will get to see Hathaway’s boobs a lot so that is a plus too.

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.



Irresponsible charmer Arthur Bach (Russell Brand) has always relied on two things to get by: his limitless fortune and the good sense of lifelong nanny Hobson (Helen Mirren) to keep him out of trouble. Now he faces his biggest challenge–choosing between an arranged marriage that will ensure his lavish lifestyle or an uncertain future with the one thing money can’t buy, Naomi (Greta Gerwig), the only woman he has ever loved. With Naomi’s inspiration and some unconventional help from Hobson, Arthur will take the most expensive risk of his life and finally learn what it means to become a man, in this re-imagining of the classic romantic comedy Arthur.

I never saw the original Arthur, but I liked this movie. I think Russell Brand did a great job with PG-13 humor compared to the usual crude humor of his other movies. This movie is with seeing once, so I would say rent but don’t buy.

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.



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