Wanderlust and Wrath of the Titans


So Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd are in this movie. This movie was the main comedy for the weekend it was released. It was a pretty funny movie with several awkward moments and a hilarious story about how Paul Rudd’s character’s car ended up in the middle of a pond.  Watch it on a night when your a little stressed out and thinking about moving to the middle of nowhere. Oh and there is a nudist that makes wine and a movie has to be good if it has one of those.I recommend a rent on this one.


Economic hard times force a New York couple to pull up stakes and head for Atlanta, where their boorish relatives are ready to take them in. On their way south, they spend a night at a hippie-style inn and wind up considering a whole new lifestyle. -Netflix.com

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.


Wrath of the TitansWrath of the Titans

So this movie was much better then its predecessor. This story was pretty good for a CG fulled movie. Good dialogue and cool characters. The reason I liked this movie was because the good actually do so fighting and there a few gods die. I recommend a rent on this one. Mainly because I don’t think it will be as good in 2D.


In this sequel to 2010’s Clash of the Titans, heroic demigod Perseus ventures into Hades itself to take on the ascendant Titans, potent enemies of the gods who have hatched a scheme to imprison Zeus in the depths of the underworld. -Netflix.com

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.




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