Trouble with the Curve and Perfect Pitch

Trouble with the Curve

This is a classic Clint Eastwood movie. The story follows an old baseball scout whose wife died when his daughter is young. And now they don’t talk much. Old man is having and his daughter comes to help him out. He is stubborn and wants her to go home and leave him alone. His daughter meets a young new scout, Justin Timberlake. They go skinny dipping and then the movie gets interesting.

This movie is now in theaters. So you might be able to caught it if you hurry.

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.


Perfect Pitch

So girls want to go to LA and become a DJ, but dad is a college professor and can get her free tuition so she is going to college. Dad says try to have fun. So she joins voice group and they are good, but need a new approach. She suggests some not ideas. Control freak leader shuts her down. So they go to regional  but they lose to another college that used a high school student to win. Needless to say that is when things get interesting.

This movie has been in theaters for about 2 weeks, so should be able to see this in theaters for the next week or so. This movie is a comedy, chick flicks, and is basically a

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.



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